Why Do We Floss?

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Do you wonder what the purpose of flossing is? Do you have a tendency to skip it because it feels too time-consuming? If so, we would like for you to understand that health benefits can come from a good flossing.

As you may know, brushing can clear plaque from your teeth. However, the brush cannot clean every spot, meaning the gaps between your teeth. Dental floss is designed to do what the brush cannot do, and it is thin enough to slide into the teeth gaps.

The floss can remove plaque and food that got crammed into those spots . By removing plaque, you can avoid having a cavity form in that area. The bacteria that plaque is made of are the reasons cavities happen. Food, particularly sugary food, can be consumed by these unfriendly little things, and they create an acid that can form a hole in your enamel if it has enough time.

Plaque can also infect the gums if it is allowed to build up. This is how gum disease begins, and it can lead to many more problems if not taken care of quickly. Your gums can pull away from your teeth, and your teeth can become loose and possibly fall out, that is if the disease progresses too far.

You can use floss to prevent cavities and gum disease. By carefully sliding the string along the sides of your teeth, the plaque and food can be removed before they can cause trouble. There is a little empty space between your gums and the sides of your teeth. It is not very big, but it is large enough to slide your floss into. You can go the extra mile and gently clean that space out with some floss, remembering not dig into your gums of course.

Flossing is no less important than brushing. Even if you feel it is too hard, taking the time to do it can be a boon for your teeth and gums. You can also come to Louisiana Dental Center in Hammond, Louisiana, for checkups so you can keep your health in line all the more. If you struggle to floss for any reason, then our dentists may be able to help you find a means to get the job done more easily. Feel free to call (985) 345-5888 to schedule a visit, as we are always ready to serve you.